Our Children Fall Contest

Let the Games Begin

We want your best ideas for outdoor winter games that can be played by two or more children. Your game can come from a different country, it can be something that your parents taught you or something you learned at camp, school or from a book. It may be something you made up yourself or it may even be a game you have played in the summer that you have enjoyed playing in the snow.

Include the instructions, the goal of the game, how many people can play and send pictures if you like. Be sure to include your name, grade, school name and please note where your game originated. There will be three winners chosen: Primary to Grade 2, Grades 3 to 4, Grades 5 to 6.

Each winner will receive a family pass to the Discovery Centre and a gift certificate for a meal at Jane’s Café, located in the Discovery Centre, along with a book from Nimbus Publishing. The winning games will appear in the Winter 2012 issue of Our Children magazine along with the winners’ names. Winners will be presented with their prizes at the Discovery Centre in November.

Mail or email your entry to:
Cathy Hammond
Metro Guide Publishing
1300 Hollis St.
Halifax, N.S. B3J 1T6
or chammond@metroguide.ca

Contest closes November 14, 2011.


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